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CRO Univision


Pam is the most forward thinking, strategic person I have ever worked with. I created a role for her where she could be a disruptor and innovator and actually make change. She transformed our clients and the agency.

LISA D.jpg

Former CEO Starcom Global | Board Member

Lisa Donahue

Pam is one of the smartest, most passionate and determined people I have ever worked with. Driven by a strong curiosity, a refusal to accept the status quo, and a passion for advancing our industry.  Pam successfully pushes people outside their comfort zone resulting in breakthrough innovation


CEO & Co-Founder Encantos


No one was more collaborative or giving of her time to help me on Walmart when we worked at SMG. Period. No one. No one has the brain that Pam has. Data, content, marketplace, clients, she knows it all.


Former Global CEO, Mediavest`


You are both strategic and tactical. I could give you a challenge amd you'd come back with pros and cons for several solutions - but you'd always have a POV on what the best solutions was. Your innovation helped grow our company revenue. Your spirit helped grow our company culture. And your brain helped grow our clients' business.

julie eddleman.jpg

Global  Client Partner Google


I worked with Pam when I was at P&G and Google.. Her passion for transformation and innovation is tremendous.  She can solve complex business challenges by focusing companies and brands on best connecting with their most important consumer, in a crowded and complex marketplace. She deeply understands how to use digital partners to complement linear advertising to get the best ROI.

kathy kayse.jpg

Chief Media Strategy and Partnerships Officer


I have worked with Pam while I was at several different sales organizations and the one thing I can say - is she was always first to the table with a new idea. She made things happen and made the partnership work. No one does partnerships like Pam.

MATT D.jpg

Global VP Revenue & Content


Pam is the top 1% of people whom I have worked with. She stands out for her intellectual curiosity, her strengths in solving big client problems, and her genuine sense of partnership.


CEO Zenith, MRY


Pam is a rare and valuable asset when working in a group strategic activity. I used her like kindling; place her anywhere and she'd spark creative thinking. No matter what the task, she helped her team arrive at a solution with incredible passion and empathy.

linda yac.jpg

Chairman of Global Advertising & Partnerships NBCUniversal


Pam is a strategic force and a creative innovator. She ran P&G, our biggest client and transformed it from a CPM bottom feeder to a strategic partner.  She did this through data, content and digital. I also hired her as a consultant because she is the only person who asked for a job by writing me a poem.


GM, Global WebIndex


Pam is one of the few people in the workplace today who can take any complex arrangement and distill it down to actionable items for companies. She is a much needed no nonsense business woman who also knows when to bring humor to intense situations in the spirit of creating a productive and progressive work environment.

SEAN M.jpg

Formerly CRO Viacom


Pam is one of the more innovative people I have ever worked with. She was at the forefront of data playing a big role in media before anybody else I dealt with. She is completely adept at navigating complex deals and creating multi-faceted partnerships in a way that all parties benefit

kate sirkin.jpg

EVP, Global Data Partnerships Publicis Epsilon


Pam helped structure SMG's data vision. Her ability to understand both the theoretical and practical nature of data was an indispensable voice within SMG.

david l.jpg

EVP Digital Sales and Sales Strategy CBSVIACOM


Pam is a force in the marketplace.  Not because of her personality - but because she is always better prepared than anyone else. Pam knows linear, digital, data, content, and she knows how to bring it all together. 

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