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  • Fearless

  • Determined

  • Curious

  • Fun-loving

Evaluate the landscape and opportunity. Create
clarity around goals and vision that people can be
held accountable to for long and short term success
Analytic approach to understanding opportunities
and challenges. Clear communication of goals.
Ability to quickly organize, intake and display data to
make informed decisions
Making sense out of mayhem and articulating the
key issues in a refind and convincing manner;
through written, visual and verbal communication
In a dynamic industry knowing when to challenge the
status quo and build a plan to create transformation
Well informed strategies matched with trusting
relationships enables new models with clear KPIs
Work Experience 

Media, Data, Tech Consultant                                                    2016 - Present

  • Double Verify – Transforming the power of OTT/CTV through better marketing and agency development – how to sell in OTT to an agency not structured for a true medium that lays at the intersection of linear and digital.

  • Data & Ad Tech Research Fund - Helping digital startups maximize operational efficiency, and navigate agency holding companies.

  • Fox Network Group – Worked with product team to build new ad models, new monetization opportunities and incorporate data into the sales products

  • NBCUniversal – Special assignment to design digital strategy integration with NBCU linear products. Assisted with organizational redesign to match new marketplace challenges and goals: selling audiences vs content; brand IP integration.

  • Viacom – Develop marketplace positioning for new programmatic solution – Open AP.

  • ITN Group – Business model design for outsourcing local TV buying



Publicis Group                                                                            2008-2016

President of Investment

  • Led investment team across all media

  • Re-organized and created training for TV/digital teams to be video neutral

  • Integrated programmatic desk into base team

Global Client Leader: Procter & Gamble

  • Drove global brands and publishers (Digital and Linear) to design and execute purpose-driven marketing (eg. Always “Like a Girl”; Pantene “Sorry Not Sorry”; Pampers “Eliminate Childhood Illness”)

  • Re-imagined the use of real time data to power content engine and media decision making. Empowered creative agencies to approach marketing as personalization @ scale.


Client Leader: Yahoo, Microsoft, Activision

  • Ensured their media and marketing was as transformative as their product.

  • Grew business by selling in new agency capabilities

  • Led client development for West Coast clients

  • Used 1st party data within media optimization to enhance decisioning before it became industry standard

Agency Capabilities Building

  • The Human Experience Company – New agency philosophy

  • Experience Design – Operationalized the Human Experience Company positioning through product development - using data, analytics, and marketplace opportunities to fuel ideas at the intersection of content, media, data and technology.

  • The Challenger Board– Created “Board of Directors” for brands by bringing together marketers, agencies, meaningful outside experts to solve brand roadblocks.  Designed brand experiences in an age dominated by :30 ad units. (Heineken Idea driven by DJs, Bar Owners and internal team: Created Heineken Green Zone CD/playlist to be listened to in bars while football games aired on mute. Created promotional Green Zone labeling on Heineken bottles that included playlist.)

  • Global Product Committee – Collaborated with global teams to elevate universal truths across key target cohorts (Moms, Guys who like fast cars, Emotional chocolate lovers) so we could stop asking the question – “What if we only knew what we knew! Shared best practices; accelerated ideas.

  • Marketplace Ignition – Transformed approach to buying. Led clients and marketplace from CPM to ideas and data driven buying.

  • Liquid Thread – Ideated, created, and produced brand stories to break through ad clutter


Starcom Mediavest Group                                                          1998 – 2008

Global Client Consultant

  • Worked across Europe & Asia to drive new business, bringing innovation to clients, settle down hot spots, & roll out new agency practices and products. (Auto, Tech, CPG, Entertainment).


USA AOR Leader: Procter & Gamble

  • Oversaw largest media marketer in the US - $1.6B media dollars across all media formats.  Led transition from TV to Sight, Sound and Motion to programmatic.

  • First in market to using RLD data and optimization. Led data driven buying transformation.

  • Transformed P&G from a CPM driven marketer to an outcome driven marketer by operationizing digital and data integration as yhe foundation for growth

  • Created 1st in market Corporate Level Multi-Billion Dollar Cross Platform Media Deal between Procter & Gamble and Viacom, including content, production, research, media and more 

  • Grew agency Client revenue by over 40% from 2002 to 2007 by building new capabilities.

  • Overhauled role of partnerships – from transactional to oriented around joint business goals.


DMB&B                                                                                   1995-1998

Media Director Russia, and all former Soviet Republics

  • Oversaw the expansion of our global clients into Russia (P&G, Mars, Coca Cola)

  • Opened offices in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan to grow brands and agency revenue

  • Won Agency Leadership Award without speaking language


Bachelor of Arts • 1988 • Carleton College

English Literature Major


London College of Theater Science with Carleton College • 1987

Studied Pub Theater to West End productions concentrating on the art of storytelling

NYC Gotham Writers Workshop

Studied playwriting and memoir writing


  • Being a creator: Writing poetry and painting

  • Completing bucket list:  – 100 countries by the time I'm 100

  • Staying one step ahead of my children with “social acronyms; wireless protection; OTT programs.

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